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Here we are in the Summer of 2016 already; where has this year gone?

Posted on 17/06/2016

Having only recently closed the door on our 2015/16 financial year, we would like to reflect on the year just gone.

We have attained Chartered Financial Planner status but we’ve also celebrated numerous other successes and achievements over the last year.

Our Private Client Team continues to grow in terms of clients old and new. The fact that we are an independent, unrestricted and whole of market advisory firm combined with the range of skills and specialisms that we retain within that team enables us to help and advise a variety of individuals with differing needs and circumstances, from all walks of life.

Our Corporate Services Team has also grown significantly – again, we continue to work with a variety of clients, old and new and the number of employees in this team has grown with our client bank. We have been very proud to secure the business of a number of household names in recent times and we are also delighted to count several worthy charities amongst our corporate clients.

We should give various governments over the years some of the credit for our success and growth; after all, in more recent times, where would we be without the 2015 pension freedoms, automatic enrolment and what seems like an endless stream of pension changes be it a reduced lifetime allowance or the restriction of pension contributions for higher earners. The list sometimes feels endless and that’s just pensions! Consistently in our industry, change always seems to bring with it added complexity (does anyone remember pension simplification?) and therefore an even greater need for sensible, good quality and careful financial advice.

But only some of our success can be attributed to change; the fact that we can serve so many different people and entities under the one roof, utilising the wide range of skills and specialisms that our staff possess across the business as a whole has served us very well. Not only that, our reputation as a good quality, trustworthy and reliable financial advisory firm endures and is strengthened by our attainment of Chartered Financial Planner status.

2015/16 saw a number of new faces join us and in future articles, we’ll be introducing you to the teams that make up our business. However, 2015/16 brought the appointment of two new board members – Karen Spark who joined as our Operations Director and Anthony Flowers who received a well-deserved promotion. In the meantime, if you wish to see our team members, please see the “About us / Meet the team” section within our website;  

So as we look forward to 2016/17 and beyond, we wish you an enjoyable Summer season. 

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